We carry the most extensive menu of background checks available in the Philippine market to ensure that your candidates or employees are properly screened and thoroughly vetted. We do the following standard checks:


  • Employment Details and Performance Feedback
  • Education and Professional Qualifications
  • Philippine Public Records Search
  • Local and International Media
  • Reverse Directorship
  • Address Verification
  • Global Databases Search
  • Character Reference
  • Identity


We strive to provide what the market wants – if you think you need other specific checks, we are more than glad to discuss and find ways to get it done.



We leverage our expertise in Employment Screening and Intelligence Gathering to help clients ensure that they deal only with reputable entities – be it suppliers, clients, franchisees or other business partners. We screen individuals and organizations you want to do business with a combination of checks such as:


  • Philippine Public Records Search
  • Business Registration and Permits
  • Educational and Employment History (of principals/owners and key personnel)
  • Identification of any group affiliations/associations to identify:
  •      – potential involvement in illegal activities
  •      – political, business or familial connections that may result in conflict of interest
  •      – linkages to organized crime groups


The output of our investigation is a complete, concise and easy-to-read report that would provide you with a complete understanding of your potential partners’ background and reputation – an invaluable tool in making sound business decisions.




We provide a service customized to probe, identify and resolve complex issues and problems in the modern business environment, among them are:


  • Financial Fraud
  • Employee and Labour Issues
  • Lifestyle Check
  • Personal and Business Reputation
  • Tax Inquiries / Settlements
  • Familial and Business Disputes
  • Trade Secret Fraud / Espionage
  • Intellectual Property
  • Insurance/Pension Claims