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Any business partnership/ venture or mid to large scale transaction requires due diligence especially if it involves private equity, commercial lending, or venture capital funding, merger or acquisition, setting up a partnership, or restructuring and cross-industry assimilation. This is a risk mitigation activity that significantly pays off by eliminating the cost and the headache of fallouts, dissolution, legal exposures and equity losses.


Due Diligence is performed as a means of implementing the highest process standard, determination and caution in appraising a business undertaken by a prospective buyer/partner in order to establish its assets and liabilities and evaluate its commercial potential.


The process often includes in depth research and screening on the company and/or its principals to obtain the necessary intelligence for an informed business decision.

Vanguard Screening Solutions Due Diligence

We leverage our expertise in background screening and information gathering to help clients ensure that they deal only with reputable entities – be it suppliers, clients, franchisers, and other business partners. We can screen individuals and organizations you do business with, by researching and verifying for the following:

  • Public and Private Records Search
  • Financial Statements and History
  • Business Registration and Permits
  • Educational and Employment History (of principals/owners and key personnel)
  • Identification of familial or group affiliations and associations to identify possible involvement in illegal activities or potential conflicts of interest.
We are one of only a handful of Background Screening companies worldwide certified for compliance to the ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System) standard.

We have the unique combination of local (Philippine) expertise and global coverage to handle all your Background Screening and Due Diligence needs.

We strive to provide what the market wants–if you think you need other specific checks, we are more than glad to discuss and find ways to get these done.

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Support Services

We also offer, through our sister companies, allied services that you and your organization can leverage so you can focus on your core operations. Among them are:
  • Business travel services, such as inbound and outbound Visa, Work Permit and Employment Pass processing for expats and their family members in the Philippines

  • Relocation services to the Philippines, including home search, school search, logistics (inbound and outbound freight) and other services that an expat and his or her family requires.

  • End-to-end Employee Lifecycle Management services

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