Top Body Language Vlogs to help you become a better interviewer

Studies have shown that communication is heavily dependent on body language and speech tones. More specifically, 55% of the signs people receive while interacting with others are non-verbal, 38% relate to voice tone, and only 7% pertaining to the particular words they use or hear. The quality of a conversation is heavily influenced by the nonverbal signals people both send and receive.

Interviews are an excellent opportunity for employers to educate potential hires about their company and position, therefore it’s critical that interviewers communicate effectively with their prospects. With the right preparation, a job interview would go smoothly and result to a positive relationship between the candidate and the company

To understand body language more as an interviewer, here are 5 vlogs human resources officers or recruiters must watch:

  1. Mark Bowden (

As one of the world’s greatest experts on nonverbal communication, Mark Bowden is internationally regarded. In each of the previous three years, he has been elected the world’s top Body Language Professional. Internationally sought-after keynote speaker, Mark teaches groups and people how to stand out, garner trust, and establish credibility in every communication they have.

  1. Allan & Barbara Pease (

Authors Barbara and Allan Pease are among the world’s foremost experts in the fields of body language, interpersonal communication, and relationship building. Their products inspire people and businesses around the world.

  1. Patti Wood (

The Washington Post has dubbed Patti Wood “the Babe Ruth of Body Language” and the New York Times has praised her for bringing attention to the importance of body language.

  1. The Behavior Panel (

Chase Hughes, Mark Bowden, and Greg Hartley are four of the world’s foremost authorities on nonverbal cues and nonverbal cues in general communication. The Behavior Panel is a group of people that work together to study body language and human behavior in public interest videos. They are a non-partisan team of communication, body language, deception detection, interrogation, and resistance to questioning experts that want to educate and entertain you.

  1. Scott Rouse (

Scott Rouse is a body language and behavior analyzer. When it comes to the individuals they conduct business with, he helps business people develop specialized abilities that allow them to make better decisions immediately.

During an interview, the focus is on the candidates. However,  an interviewer’s body language also has a significant impact on the candidate’s experience. A candidate’s demeanor might be influenced by their interviewer’s body language during an interview. To provide a great candidate experience and a strong employer brand, an interviewer must be mindful of any conscious or subconscious body language points and mistakes made during interviews.