2022 Updated Benefits of thorough Candidate Screening and Assessments

There’s a lot more to consider before hiring someone for a specific job. Traditionally, the employers rely on the pre-employed person’s curriculum vitae (CV) that consists of their education, work experiences and skills, then the candidates are assessed during the interview. By doing this, it could be difficult for the employers to determine if a candidate will be successful in their position or not.

There is a high cost when a company employs incompetent people. The employers must also consider a pre-employed person’s personality and background history. Their personalities are often predictors of what their job performance will be like. Assessing a candidate’s skills and behavior in certain work environments will enable the employers to know whether they are suitable for the certain job position they are applying for, as well as the culture of the people working in the company.

With the help of technology, background screening has become more accurate and easier to do, which is why most employers rely on background screening before hiring a new employee. There are also different Personality Assessments similar to background screening that companies use for hiring their employees. This kind of assessment helps the employers identify the pre-employed person’s traits, behavior and performance which will give them the idea of what the person will be like in the workplace. Personality assessments are able to identify a person’s leadership skills, sociability, confidence and other traits that are needed for working in the company. 

Here are the top reasons why thoroughly screening and assessing a Candidate is one of the most important steps in hiring:

  • Reduces incidence of bad hires hence decreasing the high cost ratio of mishires
  • Reduces hiring turnaround time significantly 
  • Helps you better understand the talent landscape
  • Indirectly reduces attrition by enabling good job fit
  • Increases the hiring maturity and acumen of your HR team
  • Provides realistic data and intel of the external and internal talent pool
  • May help predict and benchmark behavior 

Background Screening and Personality Assessments are also used to identify what position/s fit best for the pre-employed person. Employees who aren’t able to pass a company’s background screening and assessment process will not be able to fit the company’s standards and most of all underperform or cause liabilities to it’s operations in the long run. This is why it is important for companies to consider personality assessments and proper background screening since this will help the employers and the company hire the right people in the right positions.


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